A European Career Guidance Concept
for International Youth Mobility

Introduction, benefit and mobility

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This project will help you as counsellors to improve and train your competencies in the field of international youth mobility. It doesn’t matter if you are already a EURES counsellor specialized in the process of international mobility or a local counsellor working in the regional mobility. This project will help you get to know the most relevant topics young people deal with when it comes to international mobility and help them guide their way through this process.
What is international youth mobility?

International mobility is about young people between the ages of 18 and 35, who want to go abroad for several reasons (vocational education, study or job) and need both guidance and support when it comes to the most important aspects a young person has to deal with when moving abroad, living there and even coming back to the home country. 

The most important aspects of the international youth mobility are:
Career Choice and Orientation:
Not knowing what a young person wants to do and where he/she wants to go abroad is the first important step in the new aspect of his/her life. You will help him/her find the right choice for going abroad (vocational education, study or work), the right country to go to (Europe) and help decide on what specific topic he/she would like to focus on (dual study, dual education, new job, advanced training, etc.)

This aspect of international youth mobility is about to understand his/her decisions based on his/her characteristics, experience and skills. You will help him/her get an insight into his/her knowledge, his/her expertise and every skill and competency necessary to help guide his/her way to his/her choice for abroad.

Recognition of certificates
You will provide the necessary information on how to proceed with the aspect of certificates for abroad. Since he/she wants to go abroad there are certain regulations and issues that he/she will have to deal with before leaving the home country. The language of the country of choice can be different from the home country and therefore many certificates which he/she will need to apply for a vocation/study/job abroad will have to be translated. Furthermore, the rules of application are different in each country and you will help him/her find the right institution and contact to provide him/her with the necessary tools to certify the documents he/she needs for an application.  
Legal issues
This aspect of international youth mobility is about every regulation which applies to his/her personal career choice. Every European country has own regulations which you can help him/her highlight and provide the right institution and contact concerning his/her special career choice. 

Intercultural issues
You will furthermore help him/her with this topic since cultural and social integration are a major aspect of living abroad. This topic refers to the language which he/she might have to learn or improve for the stay in his/her country of choice. You will provide helpful information regarding the possibilities and option of developing his/her free time and his/her cultural activities according to his/her choice. 

Last but not least, everything comes down to the application for a vocational education, study or job abroad. You will help him/her with all the necessary tools and documents as well as application knowledge which he/she can adapt for applying abroad. These will support him/her in applying for his/her career choice and also discuss things that he/she might face both abroad and if there is a return-option in the close future.

The training concept which has been developed by this project offers you the option of advancing in your field of work by learning about the most important aspects and methodology of counselling in the field of international youth mobility. (Please insert here button for the e-guidance training)