A European Career Guidance Concept
for International Youth Mobility

E guidance training


Introduction of the Guide My W@y! eGuidance Concept

Career Guidance in general

The major goal of guidance is to build the career management skills of all citizens – including young people. Guidance services can help to prepare young people for opportunities, support them as they progress through their learning or working experiences and provide follow-up and post-initiative assistance. EURES and other guidance counsellors seek to promote mobility and equal access to vocational or professional education and labour markets of the partner countries in Europe for all those wishing to cross borders. The product is an eGuidance Concept1 for International Youth Mobility within an international partnership of EURES guidance counsellors and other guidance experts working in this field.

eGuidance Concept

The practice-oriented eGuidance Concept focuses on a systematic elaboration of European career guidance methods based on the target’s group needs (and realized by the active involvement of the target group in the developmental process). Moreover, the eGuidance Concept is adapted to the essentials of the area knowledge in the field of international circular mobility of young people who a) emigrate from their home country abroad and b) remigrate back to the country of origin, bringing along specific skills and intercultural competences.

The aim of the eGuidance Concept lies on merging it with new technologies (interactive, autodidactic Internet Portal) and digital learning equipment (virtual classroom and e-Counselling dialogues) as a chance to a new and further development of an efficient, low- threshold, low cost and open-access e-learning and teaching opportunity for EURES and other counsellors.