A European Career Guidance Concept
for International Youth Mobility

Objectives and target groups of the eGuidance Concept

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Target Groups


European counsellors (EURES, Euroguidance, national, regional and local)             Young people and young professionals intending an international vocational/study/occupational mobility

This concept will enable you as a counsellor to:

  • establish a practical and tailored guidance technique in the area of international youth mobility
  • use counselling skills and strategies in approaching and engaging young people who want to mobilise themselves on a European/international level
  • enable young people to make their proper career choice and support them on their way abroad
  • ascertain through profiling that your client’s career choice is realistic and what he/she has to do in order to make their international mobility a success
  • provide assistance regarding the recognition of certificates and clear legal issues and intercultural obstacles, which the young people face before, during and after their mobility decision
  • help young vocation, study and job seekers to find a vocational training, a place of study or a job abroad
  • engage in eCounselling with your client using the virtual classroom of the website or other means of eCounselling

Within the project a survey took place concerning the personal experience and practice of EURES, Euroguidance and other counsellors (national, regional and local) at foreign offices , schools and universities in several countries of the project partners: Germany, Poland, Spain and Czech Republic. The evaluation report both summarizes as well as provides a detailed description of the results which have been used to develop the eGuidance Concept.

The report can be downloaded here