A European Career Guidance Concept
for International Youth Mobility

Objectives and target groups of the eGuidance Concept

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Based on the needs and demands of guidance counsellors who deal with international youth mobility, the eGuidance Concept is tailored to the international circular mobility of young people as well as to the advanced training of European guidance counsellors in order to improve the quality of counselling.

The theoretical framework and the practical themes and topics will be transferred and implemented in an adequate and effective way by elaborating best-practice-examples of modern interrogative and counselling techniques. In order to achieve this the concept is developed to identify and elaborate the concrete basics of the methodology of career guidance, adapted to the essentials in the area knowledge of international circular job and vocational mobility of young people.

There will be a comprehensive interactive e-Learning internet portal that provides easy access to information and resources needed by European guidance counsellors, who work in the field of youth mobility. The concept will be implemented onto the portal as a smart, autodidactic e-Learning programme with an interactive interface, simulating a counselling interview. This e-Learning programme will be set up of an online manual (of methods and content), broken down into exemplary dialogues and sequences, which applies the concept.