Career Choice and Orientation Table of Five Phases

eingefügtes Bild Key Questions
1. Opening

1. Does my client have a clear idea about his/her career choice and orientation?

2. Does my client have a clear idea why he/she wants to go abroad and where?

2. Situation Analysis

What are the preferences, interests and competencies of my client concerning his/her career choice?

3. Target Definition

1. Is my client able to specify a set of career options?

2. Is my client able to put them into a priority order?

3. Can my client define SMART Targets and agree upon implementing them?

4. Implementation

Does my client have sufficient knowledge how to proceed in his/her career choice and orientation regarding self-assessment, information, networking as well as decision-making?

5. Conclusion

1. What have we achieved today?

2. What are the next steps of my client?

3. How can I still be of help for my client?

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