Career Choice and Orientation


In the Opening phase you have to assess if it’s   to go into the topic of Career Choice and Orientation together with your client regarding the following life aspects:

  1. Vocational education (including first vocational education, follow-up  , further training)
  2. Studies (including first field of studies,   studies, internship, semester  
  3. Occupation (including first occupation, occupational change, advanced  ,   reintegration)

If everything is   with your client’s idea, you can take the next step and move on with  . In profiling it has to be assessed if the options are feasible and  . If your client’s career plans are not realistic, you have to go back to     to elaborate and further specify them.

If your client’s future career plans are wide  , you should try to find out and evaluate, together with your client, possible  . To do so, you have to go into a systematic situation analysis to find out which possible options there are. In the situation analysis it is very important to use   questions.