Intercultural Issues- Table of Five Phases

eingefügtes Bild Key Questions
1. Opening

Does my client know what to do regarding the intercultural issues abroad?

2. Situation Analysis

1. What intercultural competencies does my client need for going abroad?

2. What procedure of intercultural issues does my client need regarding Language competencies (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, communication skills), Costs of living (living and working conditions, economic aspects), Social and cultural integration (leisure activities, etc.)?

3. Target Definition

1. What does my client have to do regarding the intercultural requirements?

2. Is my client able to specify a structure of the targets and put them into a priority order?

3. Can my client define a To-Do List of SMART Targets?

4. Implementation

1. What has been done so far and which steps are still to be done?

2. Who can help my client?

3. Where can my client find proper information?

4. Which are the responsible institutions for intercultural issues both at home and abroad?

5. Conclusion

1. What has been discussed so far?

2. What are the next steps to be done (To-Do List)?

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