Profiling Table of Five Phases

eingefügtes Bild Key Questions
1. Opening

Does my client have a clear idea regarding his/her career choice and orientation to be able to move on with Profiling?

2. Situation Analysis

Professional profiling

1. What vocational/study/professional qualifications and competencies does my client bring along?

2. What competencies should my client strengthen or obtain to be able to go abroad?

3. What further qualifications and skills does my client need or want to acquire for abroad?

Social and legal situation

What financial, family and other social (security) conditions influence the decision to live/study/work abroad?

Personal and intercultural competencies

What is the situation of my client regarding his/her personal and intercultural competencies on living abroad?

Search activities

What has my client done so far regarding the search activities for vocation/study/job abroad?

3. Target Definition

1. What is the summary and evaluation of the situation analysis and what has been discussed so far?

2. What has my client done so far and what has still to be done?

3. Can my client define SMART Targets and put them into a priority order?

4. Implementation

Does my client need advice on how to implement the SMART Targets derived from the four topics of the situation analysis?

5. Conclusion

What has my client to do concerning the four topics of situation analysis?

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