A European Career Guidance Concept
for International Youth Mobility


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This project is about helping counsellors to guide you in the right direction when it comes to international mobility. 

What is international mobility? 

International mobility is about you deciding to go abroad for many reasons:

  1. If you want to do a vocational education
  2. If you want to study
  3. Or even work in an European country

Counsellors can help you find the right option and support you in your decision. Finding the right option is not always as easy as many people think. In any of the three options there are aspects which you have to keep in mind before going abroad, while you are there and also when thinking about returning to your home country. 

The goal of the counsellors is to help you deal with the aspects of international mobility and solve problems and challenges that might occur. The most important aspects when tackling the issues of international mobility are:

Career Choice and Orientation

Not knowing what you want to do and where you want to go abroad is the first important step in the new aspect of your life. A counsellor will help you find the right choice for going abroad (vocational education, study or work), the right country to go to (Europe) and help you decide on what specific topic you would like to focus on (dual study, dual education, new job, advanced training, etc.)


This aspect of international youth mobility is about to understand your decisions based on your characteristics, experience and skills. A counsellor will help you get an insight into your knowledge, your expertise and every skill and competency necessary to help you guide your way to your choice for abroad.

Recognition of certificates

A counsellor will provide the necessary information on how to proceed with the aspect of certificates for abroad. Since you want to go abroad there are certain regulations and issues that you will have to deal with before leaving your home country. The language of your country of choice can be different from your home country and therefore many certificates which you will need to apply for a vocation/study/job abroad will have to be translated. Furthermore, the rules of application are different in each country and a counsellor will help you find the right institution and contact to provide you with the necessary tools to certify the documents you need for an application.  

Legal issues

This aspect of international youth mobility is about every regulation which applies to your personal career choice. Every European country has own regulations which a counsellor can help you highlight and provide the right institution and contact concerning your special career choice. 

Intercultural issues

A counsellor will furthermore help you with this topic since cultural and social integration are a major aspect of living abroad. This topic refers to the language which you might have to learn or improve for your stay in your country of choice. You will receive helpful information from a counsellor regarding the possibilities and option of developing your free time and your cultural activities according to your choice. 


Last but not least, everything comes down to the application for a vocational education, study or job abroad. A counsellor will help you with all the necessary tools and documents as well as application knowledge which you can adapt for applying abroad. This will support you in applying for your career choice and also discuss things that you might face both abroad and if there is a return-option in the close future.